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A wiki for the 2013 Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying campaign. We're based in Cambridge, Ontario, and follow the adventures of House Minos of the North.

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Characters are in order or rank ( ie.  rulers followed by linage\ heirs) an then by alphabetical order. I also straightened out the broken and repeated links for the same pages. I made sure everything below has a working link and page. I did the best I could without seeking out information I should not see.  I think I missed house slate and one other house; but with creating working links and pages I just included below what needs to be improved on. A smaller job than formatting everything. Hope this is okay and helps out a little Brad. xoxo

Introduction to Character Creation

Introduction to Westeros

House Head, Lord Osner Abwehr

Lady Tajanya Saal -Abwhr

Lady and Heir Lanya Abwehr

House Head, Lord Leran Alester 

Lord Heir Brandon Alester

Lady Alyssa Alester- Dane

Lady Demma Alester -Rey

Lord Emmett Alester

House Head, Lord Roose Bolton of The Dreadfort

Lord and previous Heir, Domeric Bolton

Heir and Bastard of Bolton, Ramsay Snow

Previous Lord Heir Adham Dannett

Lady Iris Dannett

House Head, Lord Naton Lugus of the Wolf's Towers

House Head, Lord Orten Lugus of Dann's Fort

Lady Serra Mansford- Alester

House Head, Lord The Old Bastard of  The Horns

Lord Heir Maeus Minos

Lord Henry Minos

Bastard Dardalion Snow

Lady Varlenna Harvenn- Minos

Ana Minos - Cousin of House Minos

Hector Minos, Master of Arms

Brell Godsworn

Maester Arls Kerram Obron Sand - Guard of Princess Varlenna

Rose Mesra- Minos?

Bastard Neil Rivers

Garth "The Barrel"

Laz Johnsen- Hired Merc.

Aera Hillstorm-  House Acher

  •  House Ryswell ( Characters in general could use more information on their pages)

House Head, Lord Rodrik Dustin of The Rills

Lady Bethany Ryswell -Bolton  

Lady Barbrey Ryswell -Dustin of Barrowtown

Lord Heir Roger Dustin

Lord Rickard Dustin

Lord Roose Dustin

Lord Willam Dustin of Barrowtown (Son in law to Rodrik Dustin)

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